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Decorating Christmas trees is a holiday tradition. It is not just an ornamentation but also asymbol of Christmas cheer. Decortating tree represents the history of the holiday, which has become one of the UK鈥檚 most cherished customs.

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  • Why do we decorate Christmas trees in the winter?

  • The origin of bringing a tree indoors during winter stretches back centuries, to the pagan faith. Meant to represent the symbolism of life during dark, cold winter nights, the Romans used fir trees to decorate temples for their evergreen qualities. It is in Germany where modern Christmas trees truly originated, in the mid-sixteenth century.

  • When did decorating a Christmas tree become a tradition?

  • It is also here where decorating trees is believed to have begun, by placing candles on branches. It is, primarily, after the protestant reformation that decorating the Christmas tree became a tradition for the masses. During the 19th century, the custom became adopted by wider European countries. Why did decorating a tree become popular in the UK?

  • What are the different types of decorations for the Christmas tree?

  • The most traditional decorations for the Christmas tree include stars, angels, fruit and Father Christmas. Like the tree itself, many traditional decorations have their roots based in faith; the angel harking back to the nativity and the star representing Jesus as the light of the world. This is also the basis for decorating the tree with lights.

  • What’s trending in Christmas decorations?

  • Decorating your artificial Christmas tree can actually be traced back centuries through both history and religion – with inspiration sought from all corners of culture and faith. For more recent Christmases, Christmas decorations trends combine themes that harken back to traditional colours and earth tones or inject vibrancy with neon shades.

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