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  • Do you see Halloween decorations in La?

  • One of the perks of living in LA is that there are more creative and talented people here than anywhere else, so we get to see the coolest decorations and haunted houses all over town. Here鈥檚 a list of amazing Halloween decorations you can see driving around SoCal in 2021.

  • Where can I Walk for Halloween decorations?

  • Walk a spooky trail that leads through the front and back yards which are filled with Halloween Decorations. Find more pictures and information on their facebook page here and their website here .

  • Where are the best decorated Halloween houses in the west?

  • 2020 Best Decorated Halloween Houses in the West and Southwest Suburbs 1 218 N. Pioneer Drive (Addison) 2 Halloween Town (Algonquin) 3 3211 Harrison (Brookfield) 4 Canyon Trail Cemetery (Carol Stream) 5 Shining Waters Cemetery (Carol Stream) 6 The Haunting of Carol Scream 7 Stranger Things House (Clarendon Hills) 8 21526 Carlton Street (Crest Hill)

  • What are some unique Halloween decorations?

  • Some people LOVE to decorate for Halloween and they go above and beyond to create over-the-top Halloween yard displays for everyone to enjoy. From inflatables, statues, lights set to musical scores, and scary scenes, these unique Halloween decorations are sure to please.

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