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  • What makes a good Cinco de Mayo party decor?

  • Even the presentation of the food and beverages served can be a part of your party鈥檚 decor. When it comes to a Cinco de Mayo party in particular, there are classic Mexican-inspired decorations, foods, and beverages you can use.

  • What color sombreros should you buy for Cinco de Mayo?

  • Coming in green, purple, pink, red and yellow, this assortment of vibrant, quality sombreros will have you saying Ol! to the savings. Looking for another great Cinco de Mayo pick?

  • How can I set up my Cinco de Mayo event for success?

  • Set your Cinco de Mayo up for success with an ambiance guests won’t forget. Our Cactus Jointed Cutout is a spicy way to get those fiesta vibes goin’. Standing at 6 ft. tall, stock up on this durable dcor item and attach it to your event walls to give your space some desert-esque charm. Nothing says fiesta better than our Fiesta Cutout Garland.

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