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  • When does target put Halloween decorations on sale?

  • Historically, Target puts physical items on store shelves for the fall holiday in late July or early August. Target has yet to announce when ghoulishly festive Halloween decorations will appear in …

  • Is John Derian launching a new Halloween Collection with target?

  • As of today, Derian is launching a new Halloween collection, title John Derian x Threshold, with Target. The line鈥攚hich includes throw pillows, candles, glassware, trays, platters, stools, and more鈥攊s a fitting extension for Derian, who has long toyed with more eccentric motifs like ravens, eyes, skeletons, moons, and cats.

  • Is target open on Christmas Day 2021?

  • Target is open the other 362 days of the year, although there are days when hours will vary from the typical store schedule. For example, the retailer extended its hours till midnight in the days leading up to Christmas last year, and may do so again in 2021. Target also has limited hours on Christmas Eve and New Year鈥檚 Eve this year.

  • Is it too early to buy Halloween decorations for 2020?

  • While it might seem early to some, you can already start buying the 2020 season鈥檚 hottest new Halloween decorations from home. It鈥檚 never too early to start planning, and if you start now, your house will be in tip-top shape come Oct. 1.

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