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  • When should you take your Christmas decorations and tree down?

  • You might find that after eight solid weeks of fairy lights and tinsel, those who put their decorations and tree up in early November might be a little bit sick of the sight of them by Boxing Day, and want to take them down.

  • Why do we take down Christmas decorations?

  • Most of the tradition around the taking down of Christmas decorations is centered around the tree because, back in the day, that was likely the only decoration. In modern times, Christmas decorations have got bigger and twinklier and spread all over the inside and outside our homes.

  • How long should you leave your Christmas decorations up?

  • Depending on what you believe, you can decide when to take the Christmas decorations. ( olgasparrow / Adobe Stock) There is good news for those who prefer to leave their tree and decorations up longer, however. In some religious traditions, it is said the Christmas season is actually 40 days long, not 12.

  • Is it bad luck to keep Christmas decorations up for too long?

  • But with the centrepiece of the festivities having come and gone, folks may be starting to give thought to when the Christmas tree 鈥?and the decorations 鈥?might have to be taken down and packed away for another 12 months. It鈥檚 a long-held tradition that it is bad luck to keep decorations up too long 鈥?but how long is too long?

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