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Beginning of January

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  • When do Christmas decorations go up at Walt Disney World?

  • Despite the Christmas 2021 season not officially starting at Walt Disney World until November 12 the reality is that decorations will go up before then. Tickets will be available for purchase beginning Sept. When Does Disney Take Down Christmas Decorations

  • How fast does Disney take down its Christmas decorations?

  • In many cases as fast as the decorations go up, that鈥檚 how fast Disney takes it鈥檚 Christmas decorations down. We typically see decorations start to come down a few days after New Years Eve with the exception being the lights on Cinderella鈥檚 castle.

  • Does Walt Disney World have holiday decorations in 2021?

  • The attention to detail does not go unnoticed with guests from all over the world coming to Orlando simply to see the 2021 Walt Disney World holiday decorations. And who can blame them, because there really is something so magical about Walt Disney World during the Christmas.

  • What date Does Disney change from Halloween to Christmas?

  • What Date Does Disney Change from Halloween to Christmas? Officially Disney changes from Halloween to Christmas on November 6th, and the first Disney after hours event will typically follow one or two days after.

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