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How long does Disney decorate for Christmas? As mentioned, the holiday season at Disney World officially runsNovember 6 through December 31. However, the decorations do start going up in early November and stay up during early January.

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  • When will the Christmas decorations be up at Walt Disney World?

  • You can expect all the decorations to be up and lights to be on in their entirety closer to the official start date of the holidays at Walt Disney World on November 12, 2021. Christmas decorations at Disney Springs also begin to take their place in early November. Keep in mind that like the theme parks, decorating for the holidays can take a while.

  • How long does it take for Disney to take down Christmas decorations?

  • In many cases as fast as the decorations go up, that鈥檚 how fast Disney takes it鈥檚 Christmas decorations down. We typically see decorations start to come down a few days after New Years Eve with the exception being the lights on Cinderella鈥檚 castle. This typically lasts until right after the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.

  • When does Epcot decorate for Christmas 2021?

  • EPCOT is the last park to receive it鈥檚 2021 Disney World Christmas decorations makeover. However they make up for it with their popular Festival of the Holidays and Candle Light Processional. EPCOT officially starts to celebrate the holiday season towards the last few days of November.

  • Does Hollywood studios have Christmas decorations?

  • They also have some of the most immersive holiday decorations throughout the entire Walt Disney World resort. Just like the previous two parks, Hollywood Studios officially kicks off the holiday season on November 6th. If you have an opportunity to visit to see these Christmas decorations please go.

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