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Weekend before Thanksgiving

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  • When do they take down the Christmas decorations in NYC?

  • After New Year, most of the shops will remove their decorations. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be taken down in the first week of January, the lights are usually turned off at 21:00 on that specific day.

  • Where are the best Christmas decorations in NYC?

  • Beside the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, the Christmas balls are one of the most photographed Christmas decorations in the city. The giant Christmas ornaments are right in front of 1251 Sixth Avenue building (Exxon Building) which is across from the Radio City Music Hall.

  • When does Christmas start in New York City?

  • The Friday after Thanksgiving is usually considered the start of the American Christmas season. Note, most visitors outside of the U.S. do not celebrate Thanksgiving so it’s not a holiday for them. Have fun! 7. Re: When does Christmas decoration go up in NY city?

  • Where are the Christmas decorations up the weekend before Thanksgiving?

  • Christmas decorations will definately be up everywhere in the city the weekend before Thanksgiving. The ice rink at Rockerfeller Center will also be open. The Christmas tree may be in place, but would not be decoreated or lit up yet. You should also plan on visiting The Pond, the ice rink at Bryant Park.

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