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Display extrablankets and pillowsin an attractive wire storage basket to add a decorative touch to living spaces. Consider mixing and matching the colors of the blankets and pillows to make them coordinate with the room.

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  • How to decorate with baskets?

  • Here鈥檚 a look at 18 ideas for decorating with baskets. 1. Crafts Craft supplies are often abundant and can easily become disorganized, but a few beautiful baskets can keep everything within reach and beautifully displayed. 2. Collections When grouped together, baskets collections can add so much visual interest!

  • What can you put in a bath basket?

  • Baskets provide a handy and attractive way to store spare washcloths, a hairdryer and general sundries in the bathroom, but there’s no need to settle for the simply practical. Display one or several baskets around the room filled with decorative items such as glass fishing floats…

  • What do you put in a basket for an entryway?

  • A well-organized entryway can be a challenging thing to achieve, but this basket idea from A Beautiful Mess is a great way to keep umbrellas, gloves, tote bags, and other necessities out of sight but at your disposal. Continue to 9 of 11 below. No guest room linen closet?

  • What is the best thing to store in a basket?

  • Storing In Baskets Baskets of any type are perfect for storing all kinds of things: from towels in your bathroom to firewood in your living room. Choose them according to your dcor: crochet ones for Scandinavian spaces, traditional wicker to add a rustic touch and metal for industrial or vintage rooms.

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