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Some of the best selling range includes:Idols Figurines : Naqsh,Bli …Fountains: ImpressionClocks 鈥?Classic Modern Cloc …Candles Fragrances 鈥?Candles …Diffusers: Vanessa,Sansa Dora …Lamps Lightings鈥?Table Flo …Wall Decor 鈥?Painting,Wall Ac …Table Decor : Blake,Cellini,…Mirrors: MirageVases Flowers: Verve,Sage,…鏇村缁撴灉…

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  • How to choose the right decorating style for your home?

  • You can use the names of the decorating styles themselves as in 鈥淏ohemian Industrial Cottage鈥? Or if there is another descriptive word that you like better, feel free to use it. Use whatever will help you remember your choices whenever you need to make a decorating decision.

  • Do you define your own personal decorating style?

  • That鈥檚 where defining your own personal decorating style can help. When you see something that you like, you can ask yourself if it fits with your style鈥efore you lug it home and decide that it doesn鈥檛. And I鈥檒l let you in on a secret鈥t probably won鈥檛 be just one style. For most of us, that鈥檚 good news!

  • What is your home style based on your personality?

  • You love vintage pieces and simple engineering, like cinder block shelves and repurposed commercial kitchen tables. You like raw materials that can bear a lot of weight. You are strong minded and love getting your hands dirty. Factories and warehouses are the ideal home for you. You are industrial. Your style is 鈥?French Country!

  • What is industrial style decor?

  • Industrial decor can be quite chic if it is done well. In traditional homes, ductwork, wires, light fixtures, and other innards are typically masked or hidden. Industrial style embraces these home necessities and makes them part of the decor. Iron accents and polished concrete are very popular in Industrial style homes.

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