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  • Do You Know Your decorating style?

  • The key to confidently creating a home you love is knowing your decorating style. Knowing your style will give you a plan to follow and make decisions much easier. You’ll never have to agonize over what color couch to buy again!

  • Do you define your own personal decorating style?

  • That鈥檚 where defining your own personal decorating style can help. When you see something that you like, you can ask yourself if it fits with your style鈥efore you lug it home and decide that it doesn鈥檛. And I鈥檒l let you in on a secret鈥t probably won鈥檛 be just one style. For most of us, that鈥檚 good news!

  • What are the different styles of home decor?

  • From Art Deco to Coastal, it feels like there’s an infinite number of styles of home decor out there, and it can be confusing to know what each one really means. The first step in a cohesive decor scheme is settling on the style that suits you best. Here are seven of the more popular home design styles.

  • How many words describe your decorating style?

  • Kimberly at Swoon Worthy suggests using 3 words to describe your decorating style, and I think that works perfectly! (She also has some great tips on how to find pins on Pinterest that help define your style, so be sure to take a look if you need some more inspiration).

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