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A decorator in Python is acallable that takes another function as an argumentand adds additional behavior to that function without explicitly modifying the function. A decorator has the ability to run additional code before and after each call to a function that it wraps.

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  • How to implement decorators in Python?

  • This is a common construct and for this reason, Python has a syntax to simplify this. We can use the @ symbol along with the name of the decorator function and place it above the definition of the function to be decorated. For example, This is just a syntactic sugar to implement decorators.

  • How many times can a decorator be called in Python?

  • The decorator can be executed several times according to the given value of the argument. Let us consider the following example: In the above example, @repeat refers to a function object that can be called in another function. The @repeat (num = 5) will return a function which acts as a decorator.

  • What is function wrapping in Python decorators?

  • In Decorators, functions are passed as an argument into another function and then called inside the wrapper function. It is also called meta programming where a part of the program attempts to change another part of program at compile time.

  • What is a @a decorator?

  • A decorator is a function that changes the behavior of another function without explicitly modifying it. Use the @ symbol to decorate a function. Use the wraps function from the functools built-in module to retain the documentation and name of the original function. Did you find this tutorial helpful ?

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