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Decorators are thedesign pattern that allows behavior to be added to an individual object, either statically or dynamically without affecting the behavior of other objects from the same class. They are used to enhance the functionality of the function without modifying the underlying function.

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  • What is a property decorator?

  • Property decorators are applied to a single member in a class 鈥?whether they are properties, methods, getters, or setters. This decorator function is called with three parameters: target: the class that the member is on.

  • How does the decorator function work?

  • The decorator function is called with a single parameter which is the constructor function being decorated. Note that this is applied to the constructor function and not to each instance of the class that is created. This means that if you want to manipulate the instances you need to do so yourself by returning a wrapped version of the constructor.

  • What is decorator in C++?

  • Decorators A Decorator is a special kind of declaration that can be attached to a class declaration, method, accessor, property, or parameter. Decorators use the form @expression, where expression must evaluate to a function that will be called at runtime with information about the decorated declaration.

  • What is a decorator in Python?

  • A decorator takes a function, extends it and returns. Yes, a function can return a function. In the above example, hello () is a decorator. the function name () is decorated by the function hello ().

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