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  • How can I decorate my house for May Day?

  • Make a May Pole add some pretty ribbon, or brighten someone鈥檚 day with fresh flowers. We have a wonderful list of fun May Day ideas, gifts and decor that are sure to spring some color into your home this May. 1. DIY painted Tin Can for easy vase | NoBiggie 2. Berry Basket Gift | NoBiggie 3. Paper flowers wreath | NoBiggie 4.

  • What to do for May Day?

  • DIY May Day Seed Bomb favors | One Lovely Day 7. DIY Paper Cones for May Day | The Spruce Crafts 8. DIY Floral chicken wire basket | Crafts Unleashed 9. May Day Berry Basket Bouquet | A Pretty Cool Life 10. Handmade floral cards | NoBiggie 11. May Day Flower Cones | Ella Clare 12.

  • What is a good gift for May Day?

  • Dollar store May Day gift | Yesterday on Tuesday 25. DIY Decorative Plate | NoBiggie 26. Chandelier planter | Handi Mania 27. Scrapbook leftover paper craft wreath | Ninja Diva 28. Blooming Monogram | AKCollection 29. Maypole Cake | Martha Stewart 30.

  • How do you decorate a chandelier for mother’s day?

  • Add flowers to your Mother’s Day decor in an unexpected way by draping a gorgeous garland over your chandelier. Pro tip: Use green floral wire to construct your garland first, then style it artfully around your light fixture. Butterflies burst from baby’s breath in this sweet centerpiece.

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