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  • Can I remove the columns in my living room?

  • Sometimes the cost is prohibitive or it is just too much construction to deal with completely removing a column. You can, however, minimize the look by slimming the columns down in size and removing the arches or lowered soffit area between the columns, to get a more open look. Such was the case in this living room.

  • What to do with the columns around the dining room?

  • The columns around the dining room, below, really created a caged effect and made it feel pretty enclosed. The center columns on the middle of each side were removed with a new beam installed going from corner to corner for support. We also removed the wall on the back side of the dining room to open it up to the family room and kitchen beyond.

  • Why remove the column at the bar in my Kitchen?

  • This was really the main reason for this remodel, to get rid of that column. BEFORE REMODEL – Removing the column was one of the most important reasons for remodeling this kitchen for the homeowner. AFTER – This kitchen felt much more opened up after removing the column at the bar.

  • Should you decorate your home with columns?

  • Like many home decorating choices, there are always two sides to this. Standard decorative columns can be quite elegant and stately without giving visitors the impression that your home is an extension of Caesar鈥檚 in Atlantic City and the slot machines are two doors down from the bathroom.

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