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  • How to add parameters to a decorator with arguments?

  • As a decorator is a function, it actually works as a regular decorator with arguments: This can be applied to a regular decorator in order to add parameters. So for instance, say we have the decorator which doubles the result of a function: With @parametrized we can build a generic @multiply decorator having a parameter

  • What should I read to get started with Python decorators?

  • If you want to take a really deep dive, you should read these exhaustive articles by Graham Dumpleton. However, if you intend to get started and getting better at reading/writing python decorators, this article should suffice. Everything is an object in python, even functions.

  • What is decorator_with_ARGs in PyCon?

  • Edit : for an in-depth understanding of the mental model of decorators, take a look at this awesome Pycon Talk. well worth the 30 minutes. decorator_with_args is a function which accepts a custom argument and which returns the actual decorator (that will be applied to the decorated function).

  • What happens when you decorate a function with a decorator?

  • One effect of decorating a function is that the name foo is overridden upon decorator declaration. foo is overridden by whatever is returned by real_decorator. In this case, a new function object. All of foo ‘s metadata is overridden, notably docstring and function name.

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