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  • How do you decorate with balloons?

  • There are many creative ways to decorate with balloons, including balloon arches, columns, garlands, walls and backdrops, characters, garlands, table centerpieces, numbers, LED balloons, glow stick balloons, balloons with crafty tassels, rainbows, etc. The sky鈥檚 the limit when it comes to decorating with balloons!

  • What do you need to make a two toned balloon?

  • Two-Toned Balloons 鈥?A Subtle Revelry We love the look of these pretty two-toned balloons. They are super easy to do, and all you need is some acrylic paint and a foam brush. You can choose color balloons or clear balloons and make them any color you like. They bring that subtle artistic touch to any event.

  • How do you make a balloon out of yarn?

  • Mix white glue and water (50:50) very well on the tray. Soak the yarn into the water-glue mixture without cutting the yarn from the bundle. Make sure to soak the yarn evenly in the water-glue mixture. Blow up a small round shaped balloon. Keep a paper or old newspaper to protect your craft space.

  • Are there any DIY balloon decorations for a unicorn party?

  • This unicorn is impressive and that鈥檚 why it makes our list of 45 Awesome DIY Balloon Decor Ideas. This balloon idea makes the perfect decoration for a unicorn party! The little guests can take turns wearing it for a fun photo too!

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