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If you aren鈥檛 sure how to hang towels decoratively on a towel ring, try the following steps: When you鈥檙e hanging a hand towel,lay the towel out flat on a counter or table and fold it in half width-wise. The towel will retain its length, but now at half its original width.

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  • What is the best way to hang towels in a bathroom?

  • Hanging Towels. To hang towels with style, try layering contrasting colors of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. You could also fold the towels triangularly rather than in a rectangular shape for additional pizzazz.

  • How to display towels in the bathroom?

  • 11 Beautiful Ways to Display Bathroom Towels 1 Bathroom Towels. How to Turn a Headboard into a Towel Rack ~ This step by step tutorial will teach you how to turn an old headboard into a gorgeous towel … 2 Bathroom Decorations. … 3 Towel Decor Ideas. … 4 Bath Decor. … 5 More Bathroom Tutorials. …

  • How do you store towels in a small space?

  • Making the Most of Small Spaces Add towel racks to your bathroom walls for extra storage space. Put a towel bar on your cabinets to make use of space. Hang a towel rack on your curtain rack or shower door in small bathrooms. Add bars to the sides of large bathroom drawers for smaller towels.

  • How to hang a spa-style towel?

  • Fold the towel once width-wise and drape it across the towel bar. If you鈥檙e folding a bath towel, you鈥檒l likely need to add in an extra lengthwise fold as well. This way, one half of the towel hanging over the bar is a folded edge, and the other half is loose ends. 5. How to Hang an Elegant Spa-Style Towel

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