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Begin by laying out the hand towel horizontal with the design or decorated side facing down. Fold the two bottom corners up about 1/3rd of the way. Bring the top two corners down to the folded edge of the first corner鈥檚 fold. Finally fold the towel over to the left side and line up the edges.

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  • What is the best way to fold towels?

  • Learn more… A folded hand towel is the perfect finishing touch to an organized bathroom, and folding a towel stylishly is easy to do. For a simple folded hand towel, fold the towel into thirds before folding it in half, creating a clean-cut look.

  • What is a towel origami or towel folding?

  • Towel origami is sometimes called folded towels or towel folding. Not only is fun but also useful to DIY your favorite things using towels. There are plenty of ways wherein you can fold towels and they are not as difficult as you think they would be.

  • How do you make a towel pouch?

  • To make this towel pouch, you will need a full-sized towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. Lay the hand towel in front of you and fold it up at the bottom. Fold this part up again and flip the towel over. Fold either side of the towel in and tuck one side of the pocket into another.

  • How do you arrange towels on a bar top table?

  • Choose towels that are color-coordinated. Fold a large bath towel into thirds lengthwise. Lay the towel flat on a smooth surface. Fold each of the long sides so that they touch end-to-end in the middle. Then fold the towel in half and drape it over the bar.

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