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5 Steps to Help You Find Your Decorating StyleDo a Visual Brainstorm Chances …Look in your home and at what …Consider the Current and Desir …Check Your Closet Sometimes it …Find the Common Threads You鈥檝e …

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  • How do I Find my interior design style?

  • How to Find Your Home Decor Style. Step 1: Gather Examples of Everything You Like. Choose your favorite method to save images from online. For me, I like Pinterest, especially for its … Step 2: You鈥檙e Ready to Define Your Unique Style. Now Name It and Claim It. Hot Tip: Sample Your Style First. …

  • What is a home decor style?

  • To answer the first half of that question, a home decor style is simply the stylistic choices that a decorator makes for a space. Over the years, certain choices have become strongly associated with each other and that collection of related stylistic choices becomes known as a specific 鈥渄esign style鈥?

  • How do you decorate your home decor?

  • Take your camera and head out to home stores around your town. Take pictures of pieces and inspiration that appeals to you. Then, go home and go over all the images to see the common themes. It can certainly be overwhelming, figuring out what you like and what works in home dcor.

  • Is there a Free Style Quiz for interior design?

  • Our fast, free style quiz will help you pinpoint your interior design style, all in a few minutes or less. At Modsy, we believe personal style is incredibly nuanced鈥攕o we took a very nuanced approach when developing our home style quiz.

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