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  • What are decorative plates and how can they be used?

  • Decorative plates are perfect for making a statement at a dinner party, but they are so much more 鈥?they are the perfect decoration to add interest to kitchen walls and hallways. We鈥檝e rounded up some of our favourite plate display ideas to make your crockery work twice as hard in your home.

  • How do I plan a plate display?

  • It can also be helpful to use low-tack masking tape to mark out the boundaries of the plate display on the wall 鈥?and to repeat the exercise on a table or the floor to ensure the plate display you are planning will fit comfortably into it. 2. Measure your plate arrangement

  • How to decorate your home with plates?

  • Plates can be an inexpensive and colorful way to decorate. Employ plate racks, open shelves, wall hangers, and more to showcase your favorite dishes or treasured chinaware so you can enjoy it every day.

  • How to hang plates on a wall?

  • How to hang plates on a wall. 1 1. Measure the wall. ‘Use a tape measure to work out the dimensions of the plate wall first and arrange the plates accordingly on the floor,’ says … 2 2. Measure your plate arrangement. 3 3. Create templates of the plates. 4 4. Clean the plates. 5 5. Prepare the plates for hanging. More items

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