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  • What can I do with my decorative balls?

  • You can also repurpose your decorative balls as Christmas tree ornaments when the winter comes. Or you could place them in artful, ornamental bowls that spruce up your coffee table with 3D design.

  • What are the best DIY Garden gazing balls?

  • Easy DIY Concrete Garden Balls 2. DIY Glass Stone Covered Gazing Balls 3. Repurposed Bowling Ball Gazing Ball 4. Repurposed Glass Light Fixture Gazing Ball 5. DIY Lighted Grapevine Balls 6. Easy DIY Mirrored Gazing Ball 7. Washer Covered DIY Garden Gazing Ball 8. Decorative Bowling Ball Gazing Ball 9. Penny Covered Garden Gazing Ball 10.

  • What are these garden balls called?

  • What are these called? The garden balls you see here go by many names: bowling ball art, decorative glass balls, spheres, orbs, or globes, garden art balls, and the old name gazing balls.

  • What are decorative accent balls made of?

  • These decorative accent balls are to be admired from any direction as they are sculpted 360 degrees. Each of the three decorative balls weighs 1lb. Red and orange decorative sculpture designed to add a splash of color to any decorative bowl or transparent vase. Each set includes 4 wooden balls made of solid teak wood.

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