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  • How do you cut the core out of a cabbage?

  • Poke a fork firmly into the center of the core so you can safely hold the cabbage into place while you cut out the core. Use a good sharp knife and cut in a circular pattern with the knife point tilted in toward the stem a bit and the handle tilted outward so when you cut the core out you will have a cone-shaped piece cut out.

  • How do you cook cabbage so it鈥檚 tender?

  • Pour a couple tablespoons of water into the baking sheet. The water will steam as the cabbage cooks helping to tenderize it. Roast in a 400 degrees F oven until the cabbage is very tender and browned around the edges. If you have the time, slowly simmering cabbage transforms the fibrous veggie into tender, melt-in-your mouth results.

  • How do you keep cabbage from discoloring when boiling?

  • If you are cooking red cabbage, add a few drops of white vinegar to your boiling water to prevent the cabbage from discoloring. Daisy Buchanan has worked as a staff writer for The Umbrella, an arts newspaper in Portland, Ore., and as editor-in-chief for Living Mosaic, an academic journal.

  • Do you core cabbage before or after it’s cooked?

  • While the core of a cabbage can be eaten once cooked, most cabbage recipes call for you to core the head of cabbage before preparing the dish. Doing so makes it easier to cut the rest of the cabbage, and it also reduces the overall cooking time in many instances. If you’ve never cored a cabbage, here are the steps you need to take.

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