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Measure Your Space. Before you can make any drastic decisions about decorating your living space,you’ll want to have an accurate sense of its square footage.Establish Your Intentions. Determining the way in wish you wish to,well,live in your living room will significantly shape the decorating process.Focus In On Your Aesthetic. Asks Lester,Are you feeling modern farmhouse vibes,or more romantic and feminine? Of course,it may be challenging to determine the direction that you …Make a Room Board Before grabbing your wallet,you’ll want to consider how your ideal furniture pieces will function in a space.Get Shopping. Given that furniture can be quite pricey,you may wish to spread out your purchases over time. If you’re not sure what to buy first,think big鈥攍iterally.Address Your Walls. By no means should the walls be left blank,either. Wall decor is essential. …

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  • What do you need to know to decorate a living room?

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Living Rooms. 1 Furniture. The Spruce / Michelle Becker. 2 Area Rugs. 3 Art. The Spruce / Letcia Almeida. 4 Lighting. 5 Paint Colors. More items

  • How do you decorate an awkward living room?

  • An awkwardly shaped living room can be baffling to decorate, but no space is ever too odd for beautiful decor. You can turn a weird wall into a focal point. The owner of this apartment turned the vertical space around her bedroom door into a salon-style gallery wall. Not sure where to put the sofa?

  • How to decorate a living room with a sofa and shelves?

  • Adding a bookcase or shelves behind your sofa is a sneaky and effective way to add visual interest and storage to your living room. In this design, light colors and a large window also help to maximize apparent space.

  • How do you decorate an all white living room?

  • An all-white living room doesn’t have to be boring. Achieve a collected look by displaying potted greenery, decorative trays, and an assortment of vessels on your mantel.

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