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  • How to make your own Disney Mouse ears?

  • Different Methods for DIY Disney Mouse Ears 1 Floral Wire and Felt. If you have a little Moana fan, these Moana / Tafiti Disney mouse ears are ah-may-zing. … 2 Fabric, Foam, and Batting. … 3 Foam Core Board. … 4 Mouse Ear Starters (Purchased) This quick Disney mouse ears tutorial uses the mouse ear starts from Amazon. …

  • How do you decorate for Easter?

  • You may prefer to keep your Easter decorations simple with one or two stand out decor items, or you may wish to go all out and create your own Easter-inspired wonderland. Adding splashes of Spring decor is an easy way to decorate for Easter as well, even if it is Autumn during Easter here in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • What can I use to make Maleficent ears?

  • Foam Maleficent Ears 鈥?If you鈥檙e a Disney villains fan, you can make these foam Maleficent Minnie ears with only craft foam and hot glue. Our templates make it easy and friends, they are sturdy!

  • What is the best way to get a Mickey Mouse headband?

  • Option 1: Buy mouse ear starters. Mickey Mouse headbands are very inexpensive and are going to save you time. They include a headband which can be covered or left as-is.

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