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How to Decorate Shoes. There is no specific way on how to decorate shoes,but here are some ideas to inspire you to do so: For sneakers that are plain white,grab a permanent pen and start writing down cute messages or draw funny cartoons! Make sure you trace it with a pencil first to make it look better.

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  • Can You decorate your own shoes?

  • Shoes naturally provide an excellent surface onto which you can apply a variety of decorating techniques. With very little effort, you can customize your own shoes in a way that will ultimately look like you paid a fortune for them at a high end boutique. Here are 6 fun ways to decorate shoes鈥?#1 鈥?Paint your shoes.

  • How do you decorate sneakers with decorations?

  • Select a pair of clean sneakers to decorate. A clean pair of shoes in good condition will provide a solid base for your decorations. You can pick out a new pair or liven up a worn pair of shoes. To launder old canvas sneakers, remove the laces and place them in a lingerie bag.

  • How do you decorate shoes for a birthday party?

  • Pick out a pair of plain, clean shoes and plan out a custom design. It could involve painting on canvas sneakers, adorning strappy sandals with fabric trims, or gluing gemstones and glitter onto party heels. Whatever design you chose, you鈥檒l not only have a fun craft project but a wearable work of art!

  • How do you decorate laces on shoes?

  • Decorate your laces to match your shoes. This is another small touch that can add personality to your look. You can choose from a variety of methods for decorating your laces. Use a paint pen to draw dots or other small shapes on your laces. Color your laces with markers or fabric paint in ways that complement your overall shoe design.

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