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‘The trick with faux flowers is to keep the look simple,’ say One.World.’Stick to one or two colours and add in some fresh greenery to the display. Mix and match a variety of vessels in different materials such as glass,ceramic and metal,as well as wicker and rattan to keep things natural.’

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  • How to decorate a house with fake flowers?

  • I prefer to decorate with flowers that are all one color and type. Find one fake flower in the color you like and fill the vase or container with them. TIP #8: ALLOW A FEW BUDS OR PETALS TO DROP 鈥?Natural things never stays the same, real flowers shed, so let your fake flowers shed a few blossoms or buds on the table.

  • What to do with these faux plants and flower arrangements?

  • These faux plants and flower arrangements also make AMAZING holiday gift ideas! I think they would make fabulous gift ideas for a new homeowner, a loved one who travels a lot and isn鈥檛 home to water plants regularly, someone who is moving into senior living or a student living in a dorm!

  • Do you love fresh flowers or fake flowers?

  • I love fresh flowers and try to use them most of the time, but sometimes it is just not possible. When I can鈥檛 find what I am looking for in my yard or from the grocery store and I am desiring the visual joy of the color pops that flowers provide in my house, I don鈥檛 mind using fake flowers.

  • How can you tell if a flower is fake?

  • Many fake flowers come on thin wire stems and have cookie cutter dark green foliage. These petals have texture to them an the leaves have realistic looking veins which helps give a more realistic feel. Plus the color looks more translucent and not one solid opaque yellow color.

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