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  • How do you use a cutting board in the House?

  • 4 Ways of Using Wood Cutting Boards in Your Home as Decor: 1 Hang on the wall. When it comes to hanging wood cutting boards on the wall, different shapes and sizes make for a more interesting display. I found … 2 Display on the counter or a shelf. 3 Use as riser or tray. 4 Make a hanging wall sconce.

  • How to decorate your kitchen with vintage cutting boards?

  • A jet black wall provides a dramatic backdrop for this rustic display of vintage cutting and serving boards. If you looking for something new to collect, culinary-wise, cutting boards are a practical choice. Don鈥檛 limit yourself to just boards, try pizza peels, wooden salad bowls and dough bowls.

  • How do you display a wood cutting board?

  • Another great way to display (store) your wood cutting boards is on the kitchen counter or a shelf. You can use one or a few cutting boards clustered together against the wall. They make a great backdrop for displaying other pieces such as bowls of fruit, books, candles, and small plants.

  • How to decorate a cutting board with hanging jars?

  • Hang the cutting board in your desired location and place the hanging jar on the knob or hook. Fill jar with flowers or a candle. You can also make your own hanging jar by using any mason jar and the hanger I’ve linked in my post.

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