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  • How do you decorate a wine glass?

  • Wine not? Whether your wine glasses are stemless or stemmed, there are easy and inexpensive ways to decorate them at home. Embrace your inner artist by painting or drawing pretty patterns. If you want something more subtle, try etching a pattern directly into the glass.

  • How do you keep track of wine glasses at a party?

  • Fold a piece of washi tape around the stem of the wine glass or stick a piece to the cup of the glass. Party guests can write their name on the tape in marker to keep track of their glass. Washi tape comes in all different prints and colors.

  • Do you have old wine glasses in your cupboards?

  • Whether you have a grungy old set of wine glasses stained from years of use or you keep receiving them as gifts, they really seem to collect in your cupboards. Clear your clutter with these 26 adorable wine glass decorating ideas! This list has a super easy project for every season and occasion. Want a spooky sipper for after trick or treating?

  • How do you make jewelry out of wine glasses?

  • Using your fingers or tweezers, place self-adhesive jewels onto the wine glass. Cover the base of the glass, wrap them up the stem, or place them in a beautiful design around the cup. Smaller sparkles like rhinestones work best for this. If you don’t have self-adhesive jewels, you can use regular jewels with craft glue.

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