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To make something like this you need empty and clean wine bottles,a piece of cardboard,some white spray paint,a paint brush and some acrylic craft paint or chalk paintin different colors. First you spray paint the bottles white and then you add some color. This is a wine bottle planter for succulents and it looks wonderful.

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  • Can You decorate an empty wine bottle?

  • Etch Away! An empty wine bottle makes a great vase or decoration piece on its own, so here are some great tips for decorating the bottle itself. If you love getting in the holiday spirit then why not decorate your bottles accordingly?

  • How do you decorate glass bottles with paint?

  • Dot on puff paint on your bottles. Cover the bottles with primer. Spray the bottles with the Acrylic paint. Allison Murray鈥檚 wine bottle pendant lamp is another of our glass bottles craft ideas to add a unique touch to your home. Cut the bottom of your empty bottles of wine.

  • How to decorate your home with wine?

  • You鈥檒l surely love this if you are into atypical wine decor ideas. Immerse the cotton wick in a bowl filled with acetone. Wrap the wick around the bottom of the bottle and then use the lighter to set it on fire. Dip the bottle in ice cold water till the bottom of the bottle separates from the rest of the body.

  • How do you decorate wine bottles with rhinestones?

  • Glue on rhinestones or decorative gems. Add glitter to your painted bottles using an acrylic sealer as an adhesive. You can also hot glue decorative flowers onto the bottles. Make sure you wait to add decorations after you’ve cured your wine bottles in the oven.

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