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PaintingPainting the sill and the inside part of your kitchen window might come out as one of the best ideas to decorate your kitchen window sill. For example,if the interior of your kitchen is painted all white,paint your window sill a bright yellow color.

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  • What are the different window sill decoration ideas?

  • Window sill decoration ideas can be divided in two major groups 鈥?functional and decorative. We will discuss some of the most popular and easy ideas, original, and most importantly 鈥?they will give you an opportunity to use the space efficiently and make the window sill a functional element of the interior design.

  • Where can I find interior mouldings to match my window sill design?

  • With Metrie鈥檚 Option {M}, you can find the perfect combinations of interior mouldings and doors to match your window sill design ideas. For even more design ideas, check out the beautiful photos in our inspiration galleries.

  • How can I make my window sill more attractive?

  • If you have the room, or even if you create the room 鈥? make your window sill a place to take a load off and have a seat. Add a bench or add a pillow (if your ledge is big enough), the natural light and view are always better than staring at the TV screen or wall.

  • What is the difference between exterior and interior window sills?

  • Exterior window sills serve to protect the walls from rain running down the windows while the interior sill can perform numerous functions. Many people prefer to decorate their windows with curtains, blinds and in this way add texture to the interior. However, there are window sills that look much better without any curtains.

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