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Save Silk Flowers or Fresh Flowers. Using fresh flowers is the most traditional way to decorate the wedding car. …Car Flags. Using stick flags (like they do in the presidential motorcade) is another way to decorate the wedding car and bring attention to the new couple. …Banners Pennants. Banners triangle-shaped pennants are less formal and can even be used to 鈥榮pell鈥?messages. …

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  • How to decorate your wedding car with flowers?

  • Decorating your wedding car with flowers is the most common and easiest way to spruce up the look of your car, and make it look attractive instantly! If you鈥檙e looking for a simple wedding car decoration with flowers, just add a bunch of colourful flowers over the hood of the car.

  • Can the bridesmaids decorate the car?

  • However, bridesmaids, friends, family, and even the couple themselves can decorate the car. There鈥檚 no one right way to outfit the car with ribbon, but it always helps to consider the colors and theme of the wedding when planning your dcor.

  • How do you decorate a car hood for a wedding?

  • Make a bow to put on the hood. No matter the wedding theme or aesthetic, bows are a classic decoration. Make a large ribbon bow to put on the hood of the car, or to stick onto the back near the latch of the trunk.

  • How to decorate a white car for Christmas?

  • We鈥檙e loving the look of the white ribbon decoration on the white car. The arrangement of bright yellow sunflowers below enhance the beauty and give all the festive feels! Instead of satin ribbons, you can also make use of tulle ribbons to give your car a decorative look.

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