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Bypainting them a fun color. If your fireplace is neutral,consider pairing the walls behind it with a striking shade like bright yellow,navy blue,or emerald green. Once you have,you can leave your walls as is,or you can finish them off with dcor.

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  • What are the best ideas for a fireplace wall?

  • The Top 90 Fireplace Wall Ideas. 1 1. Brick Fireplace Wall Ideas. Despite common assumptions, brickwork can look exceptionally contemporary. For the simplest look, go with uniform brick … 2 2. Decor Fireplace Wall Ideas. 3 3. DIY Fireplace Wall Ideas. 4 4. Electric Fireplace Wall Ideas. 5 5. Faux Fireplace Wall Ideas. More items

  • How to decorate the space above a fireplace?

  • If the space above your fireplace is lined with wall molding, consider using this trim as a canvas for dcor. Treat the molding like a frame, and hang some art inside it. And if you really want to get creative, you can subvert expectations by hanging the art off-center. Basket walls have become a classic decorative accent in boho interior design.

  • How do you display art on the side of a fireplace?

  • Whether you’re displaying it on either side of your fireplace, over your mantel or even on your TV, art has a great way of creating a focal point for any accent wall. Play around with size and color. White frames on a dark wall, wooden tones on lighter walls – prints in similar colors or all black and white.

  • How do you decorate a fireplace mantel?

  • Avoid an over-the-top mantelpiece loaded with decor. If building a recessed mantel into the wall is an option, go that route. Otherwise, choose a mantel shelf that matches the backing wall and adorn it with just a few standout items. Keep fireplace accessories-pokers, extra wood, etc. – out of sight in a nearby cupboard to limit clutter.

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