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Decorating a wall can be as simple ashanging up a photo and walking away. You can also use color,stencils,or embroidery to create a memorable accent wall,as per Elle Decor. But when you have a large canvas to work with,things can start to look a little off-center pretty quickly.

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  • How to decorate a large wall?

  • 10 Ways to Decorate a Large Wall ( Some Medium Walls, Too!) 1 1. Gallery Wall. If you鈥檙e trying to avoid dropping a lot of money on a huge piece, you can create a wall of art that can serve as one big piece for a … 2 2. Console Table. 3 3. Large Scale Art. 4 4. Set of Art. 5 5. Wall Treatment/Moulding. More items

  • How do you decorate a blank wall in a room?

  • (Bonus: Most of these interior design ideas work for blank dining room walls, too!) 1. Large Piece of Art Hanging a large-scale, statement-making wall art piece above your sofa is the easiest ways to decorate empty vertical space in your living room.

  • How do you decorate a wallpapered room?

  • Few wall decor ideas add all-around impact like wallpaper. No matter your space, a wallpapered room sets a vibrant tone and is guaranteed to be a focal point in your home. Pick a fun pattern or a paper that mimics natural textures, like marble or wood graining, for a clean, layered look.

  • How to decorate a living room with wall lighting?

  • Wall lighting can be a simple addition to a living room wall that adds bold visual appeal. A pair of sconces flanking a large painting, TV, console cabinet, or mirror will bring a sense of symmetry and balance to your living room. Seek out sconces with interesting shapes and finishes, giving your wall some sculptural appeal. 9. Hanging Tapestry

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