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A simpler option for decorating your accent wall behind the TV is byhanging gold-framed or beveled mirrors. This is an elegant solution for making the wall behind your TV stand out. Whether you hang several ornately framed mirrors or just a single, large mirror on the center of the wall, it is sure to bring a whimsical touch to your interior.

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  • How do you decorate around a TV stand?

  • Tips for Decorating Around a TV Stand 1 Add House Plants for Balance. House plants are a lovely way to bookend your TV stand and are good for your health, too. … 2 Mimic Built-in Wall Units with Bookcases. … 3 Hang Floating Shelves. … 4 Install a Gallery Wall. … 5 Paint an Accent Wall. …

  • What to do with the wall behind a TV?

  • Decor Dilemma: What to Do with the Wall Behind Your TV. 1 Create A Faux Built-In. According to our living room checklist, storage is a crucial part of a functional living room. So, we love the idea of … 2 Build Out A Mixed Media Wall. 3 Hide Your TV Inside A Cabinet. 4 Cover Your TV With A Curtain. 5 Hang Your TV Within A Gallery Wall. More items

  • How do you hide a TV in a living room?

  • A variety of living rooms鈥攖hose with long and large walls, for a space that needs extra storage, or for living rooms that are narrow or with high ceilings. Struggling to design your room? Let our experts show you ideas in your exact room. If you don鈥檛 like looking at your television when it鈥檚 not in use, consider concealing it in a wall cabinet.

  • How to decorate a mixed media TV wall?

  • Here鈥檚 another take on a mixed media TV wall design ideas: incorporating your TV on the wall with other pieces, making it fully part of the mixed media gallery. The use of a mirror and framed art helps the TV mix into the gallery in a more cohesive way, giving your TV a more discreet look.

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