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  • What to do with baskets on top of cabinets?

  • You can gain additional storage space by stacking baskets on top of your kitchen cabinets. This look is a great idea if you are going for that farmhouse chic vibe. The baskets provide a functional use by keeping extra kitchen essentials kept out of sight while also adding a decorative touch to the kitchen.

  • Should you decorate above kitchen cabinets?

  • You do not have to waste that ubiquitous area between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. This space can serve a useful purpose with the right dose of creativity. Here are 10 ways to decorate the space above the kitchen cabinets that will bring an added layer of style to this room: Should You Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets?

  • How can I Make my Kitchen cabinets look nice?

  • If your cabinets are a dark espresso color, adding some gold or copper touches will warm things up and create a soft contrast. In this farmhouse kitchen, they used baskets to decorate on top of the kitchen cabinets.

  • How to decorate kitchen cabinets with lights?

  • Add a string of lights if the cabinets are flush with the ceiling. Even if you have absolutely no space between the cabinets and the ceiling, chances are, you will still have some space above the tops of the cabinet doors. You can fill this space with a string of lights.

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