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Adding a trailing plant like pathosis an excellent option to decorate the top of the kitchen cabinet. You can bring low care plants to add a natural accent to your kitchen with little sunlight needs and watering once a week. However, if you don鈥檛 prefer adding natural plants, you can add artificial plants too.

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  • Should you decorate above kitchen cabinets?

  • You do not have to waste that ubiquitous area between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. This space can serve a useful purpose with the right dose of creativity. Here are 10 ways to decorate the space above the kitchen cabinets that will bring an added layer of style to this room: Should You Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets?

  • How do you decorate a kitchen cabinet top display?

  • Achieve the same curated look by installing an oversized object or over-the-top artwork above your upper cabinets. Pro ti p: Use your town’s setting or geography to inspire your artwork selection. Infuse personality into your kitchen with a custom, cabinet-top display of your collected items.

  • What to do with baskets on top of cabinets?

  • You can gain additional storage space by stacking baskets on top of your kitchen cabinets. This look is a great idea if you are going for that farmhouse chic vibe. The baskets provide a functional use by keeping extra kitchen essentials kept out of sight while also adding a decorative touch to the kitchen.

  • How to decorate a kitchen with white cabinets?

  • Use lights on a white wire for white cabinets, otherwise stick with silver/clear. Secure the lights to the cabinets with clear or metal hooks. You can use plug-in or battery-operated lights. Use a garland to give your kitchen an organic feel. Most cabinets will have some space between the top of the doors and the top of the cabinet.

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