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  • How to decorate your staircase around Christmas?

  • Speaking of string lights, they can be the highlight of your staircase around Christmas and garlands make it really easy to incorporate them into the dcor. This one adds a magical touch to the space around it and you can see it matches the style of the Christmas tree as well.

  • How to decorate stairs with garlands?

  • Garlands are perfect for staircases because you can drape them over the railing or place them at the base of the banister as a way to frame the stairs and to put an emphasis on its shape and overall design. You can also decorate the stairs with some Christmas tree ornaments like hanging globes, stars and so on.

  • What to do with a staircase with stained wood treads?

  • This beautiful Christmas garland looks gorgeous in combination with the staircase which is white with stained wood treads. The lights are not just for show as they also serve a practical purpose and they draw attention to the staircase when it鈥檚 dark.

  • Can I decorate my staircase with an olive tree?

  • You don’t need to go overboard on Christmas trees when decorating for the season鈥攊f you wish to incorporate year round plants into your staircase design, go for it! Here, an olive tree pairs perfectly with an olive branch style garland. Continue to 13 of 23 below.

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