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You can decorate a bedroom with slanted walls by addinglight fixtures or chandeliers, especially if the ceiling is high. Chandeliers make the room look elegant and sophisticated and they draw the eye upwards towards the center of the room. Alternatively, use standing lamps for decoration and lighting purposes.

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  • How to decorate a slanted wall bedroom?

  • Such pieces are ideal for slanted wall bedrooms as they are not only reliable but also save on space. A creative coat rack will not only add an edge to your room but also fit right into the slanted wall. A twisted brunch would be perfect for this look.

  • What to do with a slanted wall and ceiling?

  • When all else fails, you can always hire a professional cabinet maker or carpenter to design your slanted wall and ceiling. They can follow the slope and make a closed cabinet with doors, which is particularly useful if you have a lot of items and need more storage.

  • Can you hang pictures from a slanted wall?

  • For instance, hanging pictures from a slanted wall comes with the extra challenge of having to attach all 4 corners. Luckily, with a few convenient tricks, you can hang pictures or anything else you like from a slanted wall to make your space feel like your own.

  • What is a slanted wall?

  • Slanted walls are often found in older homes where an attic was converted into a living space. Only attics framed with rafters provide the engineering to create a room as roof trusses do not handle a lot of weight nor make it easy to convert the area for use.

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