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  • How do you put shoelaces on a pair of shoes?

  • Insert each end of the shoelace downward through one of the bottom two eyelets. The shoelace should now form a bar across the bottom with the laces going inwards. Keep the left lace on the left side and the right lace on the right side.

  • How can I shorten the shoelaces?

  • Artificially shorten the shoelaces as follows: Lace the shoes on your feet, then adjust the end lengths to a reasonable length (about 250 mm) by pulling the excess lace back through the eyelets until all the excess is sitting at the bottom of the shoe (ie. near the toes). Tie a knot at that point to keep the excess down there.

  • What kind of shoelaces should I get for my Shoes?

  • If you wear any kinds of leather shoes or dress shoes, don鈥檛 go with thick nylon shoelaces you can find on Amazon and all over the place. Instead, invest in waxed cotton laces that are either round, which is classic or flat.

  • How can I decorate my shoes?

  • Try adding shoe clips onto your shoes to add some flair to a plain pair of shoes. You can also purchase plain shoe clips and glue on your own decorations. Thanks! Shoes decorated with adhesive gems, paints, permanent marker, and most other custom embellishments shouldn鈥檛 be washed or exposed to water.

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