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Wind your lights into a ball. Start with the outlet in your hand and wind your lights up around your closed fist.Tie an extension cord around the base of your tree. …Wrap the lights up around the trunk. Starting from the bottom of the trunk (near the extension cord),wrap your string lights around the tree,keeping them spaced evenly …Focus on wrapping the main exterior branches on bare trees. …Wind the lights around the outside of the branches if your tree has leaves or needles. …Plug in your lights to see your tree shine. When you鈥檙e happy with your lighting job,go ahead and connect the bottom of your lights to the extension cord …

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  • How do you decorate a bare tree with lights?

  • Focus on wrapping the main exterior branches on bare trees. Instead of trying to wrap every single branch with lights, try to focus on the larger branches that stick straight up. Keep wrapping upwards with your lights, trying to keep them evenly spaced apart, until you reach the top of a branch.

  • Can You decorate a tree outside for Christmas?

  • If you are lucky to have a fir or spruce growing in your yard, the world’s your oyster where it comes to decorating outdoor trees for Christmas. We really like this outside Christmas tree idea complete with blue fairy lights 鈥?it really stands out in the dark and contrasts beautifully with other shrubs and trees decorated with other colors.

  • How do you wrap a Christmas tree with lights?

  • You can plug the cord into the outlet, if desired, or wait until you’re finished. Begin wrapping the lights around the tree’s trunk, moving upward with each winding. To ensure even spacing, check the distance between windings with your hand. Use about four fingers to get consistent spacing between each wrap around the tree trunk.

  • What are the best types of outdoor lights for trees?

  • Often, bare leafless trees provide the ideal framework for hanging lights, especially horizontal-spreading varieties. Palm tree trunks wrapped with white or red lights show off their vertical, upright forms, drawing the eye upward toward the night sky. The best outdoor lights to use are LED lights.

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