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If you want to create individual spaces in your open floor plan,put down a variety of area rugsthat tie in nicely with the paint and other dcor. The rugs demarcate each area and add visual interest to each space. For example,place a rug that’s a few feet wider than your front door in your foyer.

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  • How do you decorate a living room with an open floor plan?

  • Learn how to decorate a living room with an open floor plan using our tips on linking different areas, defining zones, and establishing a distinct style within open spaces. When designing an open-concept living room, think of the entire area, including adjacent spaces, as one large room.

  • How to create small spaces in an open floor plan?

  • Every room should have a focal point, and that rule still applies when creating smaller spaces within an open floor plan. You can use focal points such as a television, a large window, a painting, or really anything you want to create an area around. Continue colors in the whole space.

  • How do you define a room in an open floor plan?

  • In an open floor plan, it can be easy to forget to add in hallways. However, people still need space to walk, even if it’s not defined by walls. Add walking spaces that are at least 3 feet wide that will allow someone to walk through the whole room. Use rugs to define rooms. One way to define each room is to lay out area rugs.

  • What should you consider when choosing an open floor plan?

  • With an open floor plan, you have to think about the whole space when you鈥檙e selecting patterns for rugs, window treatments, and pillows. They don鈥檛 have to be the same in each room, but you鈥檒l want to make sure anything visible in the same view coordinates.

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