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Use large windows with divided panes or small windowsto frame objects like family photos,vintage fabrics,botanical prints,and dried flowers. You can also hang a window on a wall,then set pretty dishes,vintage wall pockets,or petite framed images within the divisions to create a symmetrical wall exhibit.

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  • How do you decorate old window frames?

  • Creative Ways to Decorate with Old Windows. Brush dirt from an old window frames, secure and clean the glass panes, and display it in all its time-weathered glory. For this old wooden window craft idea, lean a window against a wall behind a table or on a mantel as a breezy backdrop for collections of similar vintage.

  • What can you do with an old window?

  • This is another truly versatile use for an old window. As a mantel centerpiece, the window will complement any decor you place around it. It can work with any color scheme and with any of your favorite items to showcase around it! It even can be changed and updated with the seasons!

  • Can I use old windows to decorate a mantle?

  • Here鈥檚 another old window Joanna used to decorate over a bed in a home featured on Fixer Upper. Use old windows to decorate a mantel. I have always loved Lily Pad Cottage鈥檚 mantels! I would love to find 2 windows that fit and fill the total area above my mantel like this.

  • Can old windows be repurposed as decor?

  • Add architectural interest to your home with old windows repurposed as decor. Decorating with old windows and shutters adds instant cottage charm to any space. Old-window projects (with or without their original panes) instantly boost architectural interest in casual and formal rooms, as well as outside living and garden spaces.

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