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How To Decorate A Nightstand:Choose out a nightstand that fits your space. The first thing you need to do is figure out what nightstand you want (obvi). …Add artwork to the nightstand. Artwork/pictures adds SO much to your nightstand. …Decorate the inside of the nightstand. Obviously,this step only applies if you have open spaces in your nightstand. …Style the top of the nightstand. So,of course,I added a lamp. I chose this more open lamp so that you could partially see the art through it.

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  • How to style a nightstand arrangement?

  • A framed picture or piece of art hung or leaned against the wall behind the nightstand provides a pleasing backdrop for the rest of your decor. This will give your nightstand arrangement a layered look that helps highlight every piece on the table. 3. Style a Vignette Finish the look of the table with a stylish vignette.

  • Can you put lights on a nightstand?

  • Add Height with Lights Whether you prefer a table lamp, a sconce on the wall, or a pendant light hanging from the ceiling, a light source is a must-have accessory for any nightstand. A nightstand light adds height and dimension to your table’s arrangement, and it provides convenient illumination for reading or relaxing in bed.

  • What do you put on your nightstand?

  • My nightstand has a radio,a small lamp sitting on a book,a dish for jewelery a little vase for fresh flowers and that鈥檚 about it. I have two drawers for stashing other items so it stays pretty neat. My phone ,tablet and laptop stay out of the bedroom.

  • What is the purpose of a nightstand?

  • Always within arm’s reach when you’re in bed, your nightstand is the perfect place to show off your style and keep bedtime accessories nearby. No matter the look of your bedroom, lighting, layering, and stylish decor are key to creating an eye-catching nightstand.

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