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Consider stone or terracotta pots,urnsand other types of planters around your porch area. For a relaxed look,group them together in different sizes. Or,for a more formal feel,choose something simple,such as a bay tree in a large stone pot at the side of the front door or one on either side.

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  • Can I decorate a small front porch?

  • First you can love all the porch decorating ideas but you can鈥檛 use them all at the same time! Sorta self explainatory! And second, scale and proportion is very important especially when it comes to decorating a small front porch!

  • How do you make an outdoor porch feel like home?

  • If space allows you to, create a comfortable sitting area. Furniture covered in outdoor fabrics (such as Sunbrella) won’t fade in the sun and will make the porch feel like an extension of the house. Arrange the furniture as you would inside. Create a conversation area, establish a focal point, and include table surfaces for setting down drinks.

  • How to decorate a front porch for a flea market?

  • Vintage flea market finds can be charming when displayed on a front porch. Just don’t include anything too costly that could be damaged in bad weather or stolen. A wall-mounted water feature is charming and helps mask noise coming from the street or neighbors. The front door is usually the focal point of the front porch so dress it up.

  • Should you paint your front porch?

  • Painting your front door can be one of easiest things you can do to transform your front porch. I鈥檝e been constantly fighting with my wreath too. As you can see she no longer lives on my front door. I lost the battle.

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