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For example,a 16-inch vase on the left side of your mantel can be balanced by a plant 14-18 inches tall,or perhaps a small grouping of pillar candles that,when put together take up the same relative amount of space as your vase. If your room has a more playful,relaxed vibe,an asymmetrical designis a great way to go.

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  • How do you decorate a mantel for a living room?

  • Add some faux (or real) floral stems or greenery to the vases. The stems on each side won鈥檛 match exactly, but make sure the arrangements are balanced鈥攕imilar height and fullness on each side. Other ways to add life to a mantel include flowers, potted plants, and candles.

  • Why is the mantel so hard to decorate?

  • The mantel is a great place to start because it鈥檚 usually the focal point of the room. But decorating the mantel is hard because it demands a big statement made on a shallow surface.

  • How can I Make my mantel look Beachy?

  • Give your mantel a vacay every day feel with natural fibers, like rattan, and vases filled with faux or fresh tropical blooms and palm fronds. Coastal collectibles, like this wee brass boat (that 鈥?fun fact 鈥?is actually a vintage sailing trophy!), are a playful way to add a beachy vibe. Get more tips for incorporating coastal style, below.

  • Can you paint the wall behind a mantel?

  • While paint isn鈥檛 necessarily an item of dcor, you can make a real statement by painting the wall behind the mantel a contrasting color to the other walls in your room. If a contrasting paint color isn鈥檛 your style, try adding some functional storage around the mantel.

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