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Transform stark,sterile spaces by adding warm,welcoming accents that will make the living room the most inviting space in the house.Hang a gallery wall of thrift store finds,cover the walls in patterned paper,or put antiques collections on display鈥攖here are countless ways to show off your personality and bring a boring living room to life.

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  • What are the best wall decor ideas for a living room?

  • Consider adding a paneled wall behind a couch or a desk if your living room doubles as an office. These honeycomb shelves are perfect for displaying candles, small succulents, or photos, and they are so visually interesting that they act as wall art on their own. This shelf can stand alone on an otherwise empty wall and make for great wall dcor.

  • How do you decorate a blank space in a living room?

  • Let’s start off with the classic way to decorate a blank space 鈥?a gallery wall. It’s by far the easiest living room wall idea and can upgrade a space in just a few hours.

  • How do you decorate a small bedroom with walls?

  • Walls are always a great opportunity to add more character to the room, Arditi comments. Adds Lavender, Artwork, pillows, and decorative items always act as the jewelry for the room. These pieces really add that next layer of panache to the space.鈥?Not sure what to hang?

  • How can I decorate my living room with family pictures?

  • Add a personal touch to your living room wall decor with a family sign. Make yours out of wood for a more warm, homey feel. Shutterfly鈥檚 wooden wall art will let you add your family name or monogram along with your favorite family photos. 29. Photo Tiles

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