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When you’re trying to decorate with a leather couch, you’ll likely want somethinglight-colored, so pick a cream, neutral, or bright pop of color. For instance, try a bright red rug with a light pattern to match your red pillows. Center the couch on 1 edge of the rug, and then place furniture around the other edges. 4

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  • How to decorate a leather sofa?

  • One of the easiest ways to decorate your leather sofa is to pick up some decorative pillows that match the rest of the decor in your room. Choose boldly patterned pillows or opt for solid color pillows to draw out a specific color in a painting or rug. You can also mix and match patterned and solid hued pillows in complementary colors.

  • How do you style a brown leather couch?

  • A well-worn brown leather couch will fit right in among wood antique decor or chippy-painted accent furniture. Choose pillows and throw blankets in classic fabrics like linen to complete the vintage look. 9. Repeat brown tones. To ensure your light-brown leather sofa doesn’t look out of place, repeat its material elsewhere in the room.

  • How do you fix a dark leather couch with pillows?

  • Alleviate the visual heaviness of a black or brown couch with some added color. Don鈥檛 be afraid to add lots of color since the leather is generally made in neutral colors. Pick some brightly-colored pillows to go on the couch, which will help break up the dark color.

  • What to do with a checkered leather couch?

  • A brown leather couch can be a dramatic statement piece鈥攅specially when it’s a Chesterfield. If you want to lighten up the tone of your living room, pair it with funky retro furniture. These checkered slipper chairs add personality to the space along with the surrounding textiles and shiplap walls.

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