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Try to decorate your floating shelves with items that repeat the architecture in your kitchen. You can repeat the glossy white color in your subway tile backsplash by decorating your shelves withshiny white dishes or a shiny white pitcher. Consider decorating with a stainless steel item to repeat the stainless steel in your appliances.

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  • How do you decorate shelves?

  • Unless you鈥檙e going for a monochromatic look, use one main color for the majority of the pieces and add beautiful accent pieces that are at least two other colors. As you鈥檙e decorating your shelves, it helps to divide them into sections in your mind instead of just thinking of them as one huge blank space you have to figure out how to decorate.

  • How do you organize your kitchen shelves?

  • Kitchen Shelves for Daily Use. 1 Tip 1: Use the Lowest Shelf For Daily Dishes. My husband and I are slightly above average in the height department. Neither of us have any issues … 2 Shop My Kitchen Decor. 3 Tip 2: Use your Countertop as a Bottom Shelf. 4 Tip 3: Intersperse Decorative Items for Enjoyment and Interest.

  • Are open shelving shelves the new trend?

  • Open shelving is the new standard for modern kitchens. I think the 鈥渢rend鈥?is here to stay and I personally love my kitchen shelves. So today I鈥檓 sharing simple and easy tips for how to decorate kitchen shelves no matter your style. This post may contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission on your purchases.

  • What are the benefits of having shelves in the living room?

  • Shelves and bookshelves have long become an integral part of an interior. They aren鈥檛 just for storing books but for displaying and showcasing items as well. Extra shelves can actually help make your room look more spacious as they provide more storage. And these aren鈥檛 all of the benefits of having a shelves in your living room:

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