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Another option for countertop decoration in kitchens is to feature not just the supplies for cooking,but actual foodstuffs. Large fruit bowls,bread baskets,cookie jars and even canned goodslike jams,jellies and other stores can create a bright,colorful and inviting kitchen countertop design.

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  • How to decorate a kitchen countertop with wood?

  • If you have a surface like granite, stone, quartz, or other stone-like countertops you might want to add a bit of wood to your countertop decor! Just a little wood or wicker will add a softer, warmer element to a kitchen that is much needed especially if you have painted cabinets.

  • How can I elevate my kitchen countertop decor?

  • Quite literally elevate your countertop decor by bringing it higher onto open shelving. It is a great idea, especially for small kitchens, say the experts at Park and Oak Interior Design. Open shelving creates a similar effect to beautiful countertop decor but gives more opportunities to utilize counter space.

  • What should you Accessorize your kitchen countertops with?

  • If you love the look of clean and uncluttered kitchen countertops, consider accessorizing with a single, statement-making object. Here, Kristen Nix Interiors punched up this honed quartz countertop in bright white with a bold, bronze star sculpture. It lends a pop of dark, dramatic contrast to the crisp, white cooking space.

  • What to look for when choosing a white kitchen countertop?

  • You can also look for different materials like wood and marble, as they can create visual contrast with the rest of the finishes in the space. Wood cutting boards can render a warm touch to an all white kitchen counter, while the wood grains can add textures that contrast beautifully with smooth natural stone countertops.

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